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Yezha Kolam pots
'Devine earthy pots made to perfection...we receive so many compliments from guests.'    Anu Kunjur


Everyday millions of Tamil women in southern Indian wake before dawn, to create a Kolam, an ephemeral ritual design made with rice flour on the threshold of homes. Created by hand these sparkling white patterns on the damp rich earth disappear within hours with footfall. Yet this simple art is created with much enthusiasm daily as a way of celebrating the transient nature of life, as a way of welcoming people into homes and… this the reason that inspires me the most– it is a way of feeding the invisible creepy crawlers who are as important as the rest of us for a thriving ecology in this world.

I constantly marvel at the magnanimity of the thought behind this simple art. Inspired, I have adopted it for these functional pots, after all, isn’t serving people food a befitting gesture to team up with a Kolam?


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