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Contemporary hand-thrown pottery drawing influences from dance, India and life



As my original training is in dance, my approach and aesthetics are very much informed by the dancer in me. My pots aim to marry elegance in form and colour with functionality.

I have always been attracted by the ‘hand-made’ and the thoughts, emotions, knowledge, culture, skill and imagination it holds.

I am in my element when I am making something, whether it is a dance movement or a clay pot. It is the process rather than the end product that continues to engage me. Once the process of making is complete my interest fades. So I sell my pots.

Most of my work is thrown on a wheel, I experiment with different clays and their potential, play around with creating lively glaze recipes and hand spray the glazes so I can layer them like a watercolour painting.

The gallery contains samples of my work. If you find any of interest please contact me directly.



Here is  a recent article on my practice by the Chichester Observer newspaper

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