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Vengalam pots


The Vengalam collection is a family of earthenware pots that I am quietly proud of. There are several emotional ties that have led to the creation of this aesthetic.

Kannamma collected all the Vengalam (bell metal) and brass water pots and cleaned them with a pinch of black tamarind. This was a Friday ritual at my grandmother’s in Tamidnad in southern India. Kannamma would then leave them in the central courtyard near the Tulasi plant, to be naturally dried by the sun. The golden hue of the Vengalam was soft and had a warm radiance from within which comes with age and use. Often it reminds me of the inner warm radiance some very elderly individuals bring with lived experience. I continue to chase that Vengalam’ s glow in my terracotta pots.

The Vengalam collection also resonate with the clean forms of these functional vessels that lend it an austere elegance. To me it beautifully expresses the notion of ‘less is more’.

These pots are burnished on the outside celebrating the tactile primal quality of naked clay and the golden hue within, its visceral energy.

All the pots are food safe and oven/microwave/dishwasher friendly to suit contemporary living. Feel free to mix and match them.

Bespoke tableware commissions can also be created within this theme.

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