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Below are images of my current work - please contact me for details.

2015 - 2016

2016 - 2017

2017 - 2018

Clay with History Series

300 kilos of red clay used for The Clay Connection studio research has been turned into functional pots with an emphasis on movement.

The Vedic Collection

These are functional pots that carry universal messages in Sanskrit from the Upanishads

2018 collection

Vessels celebrating the idea of incomplete, in-between and marginalia


Dinner set commissions


"Your thalis and katoris have become a great canvas for my kitchen creations. Today’s sunday feast was enjoyed with friends and your ceramic thali set. Thanks for this bespoke set, you made for me''.

Mira Misra Kaushik



2019 collection

Crater pots





Vengalam collection




Yezha kolam collection




Pots to serve fragrant food

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