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Online exhibition & sale 
If you are interested in buying please contact me on or 07729399375
Buyers can collect or pots can be posted ( extra charge for P& P)
Flight of the transient - Tall & short, stout & lean jars

The summer days of June was spent at the potter's wheel. Over three days when the gaze was raised from the wheel, these vibrant colours, matt and shiny textures emerged from the land and silently melted. Of course, one has to mention the riot created by the bumble bees too! That is the story behind the surface decorations.

Tall Jar 2


32 cm high

Tall Jar 1


30 cm high approx 6.6 cm wide

Tall Jar 3


28 cm high

Tall Jar 4


29 cm high

Small Jar 1


15 cm high

Small Jar 2


19 cm high

Small Jar 3


18 cm high

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