Online exhibition & sale - 25 May 2020
Flight of the transient

This virtual exhibition, Flight of the transient, brings together a mix of functional bowls that celebrate food and sculptural pieces that celebrate the ephemerality of life. Created from earthenware clay, all exhibits aim to capture movement, in all its elegant and quirky moments. The surface designs are inspired by Indian powder drawings and textiles.

The functional bowls are wheel-thrown and are versatile in their offer. Bowls can be matched to make a wider set for an elegant and informal dining experience for the family. The intention is to make the everyday meal, special. All functional pots are food and oven safe. I can create bespoke dinner sets to suit individual preferences. I share a couple of sample sets for your benefit.


In contrast to the functional bowls which call for some measured consideration on the wheel, the hand-build vessels, whole-heartedly celebrate the nation of spontaneity. These vessels boldly applaud the idea of imperfection. They celebrate the in-between, in- complete and the marginalia. The result in a collection of unique and quirky character vessels; vessels that will challenge perceptions.

The cockerels express the joy of the transient.

Please look up the Catalogue for the details including the price.

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Photo Credit: Hilary Shedal

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